Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Prayer

Oh Holy One...
A big sigh here,
Drawing in a great big breath...
And exhaling slowly.

It's a new day,
For some,
Fraught with worry.
For some,
Laced with delight.

We hold the tension.

We call upon you,
To calm our hearts,
To open our hearts,
To hold our hearts,
And to help us offer our hearts to this day.


Terri said...

I just learned of the death of a friend, 60 year old vibrant woman, from a heart attack. Please Ani Peacock Adams in your prayers along with the Peacock and Adams families.

revkjarla said...

indeed. I will. I am so sorry for your loss, dear Terri.

Songbird said...

Thank you for this prayer, from one living in the worry.