Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Prayer

God of all Goodness and Grace, we thank you for the joy and freedom of this time we have shared in worship. We recognize the blessing of coming together to share our faith in safety and without fear of oppression. We pray that people of faith all around this world will one day celebrate the same freedom. We pray especially for the people of Burma/Myanmar and their continued struggle.

God, we thank you for one another, and for the life and work of our congregation. We pray for the United Church of Canada and for our Moderator David Giuliano as he continues to heal from his recent radiation treatments.

We thank you for this planet we share and we ask that you guide us as we seek to be ever more faithful to its gifts and wonders. Help us God to be better stewards of the earth.

We pray for all in need of your love and strength this week. We pray for those named aloud in our space this morning, and for those whose pain is known only to you. May your Spirit’s breath bring courage, warmth, comfort and power to those who feel powerless.
God, we pray for peace, for freedom and food for all your children. For clean water to drink and for education for every child. For the First Nations people of our land. For all who are grieving or ill or enduring suffering in body, mind or spirit.

God, we turn our prayers to you in the hope that those prayers will transform our world and transform us. Send us out from here today as bearers of your love so that everyone we meet will know that it is your name etched upon our hearts – the name of love – the name of the One who taught his friends to pray when they gathered together, singing….

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