Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday Prayer: My Small Sacrifice

My small sacrifice

Lord, as many human hands
transform many grains of wheat
into a loaf of bread,
so may our small sacrifices
help towards the building up
of our human family.
We ask this through Jesus,
who is our brother,
and who fed the hungry. Amen.


revabi said...

Lord, I pray to you today for my sisters and brothers as they prepare their sermons.
I pray for the members of this church as they do their part at the yard sale, pancake breakfast, etc to raise funds for upgrading our church to be more welcoming to those with disabilities. I pray for our church as we struggle with what it means to be your church and how to be your church. I pray for myself as their spiritual leader, that you may grow me and strengthen me and guide me with your Holy Spirit.

rev maria said...

Lovely prayer Revabi. Let us keep my congregation in prayer as they struggle with shrinking attendance and unexpected expensive repairs after the hotwater heater flooded the building. And for my dear Betty as she prepares to preach to them tomorrow. :-)
Also for our region during our annual Gathering today as we wlcome and install our new regional co-ministers (bishops to you non-congregational types)