Monday, October 22, 2007

The Morning Stars Sing Your Praises

All thanks and praise
are yours at all times and in all places,
our true and loving God;
through Jesus Christ, your eternal Word,
the Wisdom from on high by whom you created all things.

You laid the foundations of the world
and enclosed the sea when it burst out from the womb;
You brought forth all creatures of the earth
and gave breath to humankind.

Wondrous are you, Holy One of Blessing,
all you create is a sign of hope for our journey;
And so as the morning stars sing your praises
we join the heavenly beings and all creation
as we shout with joy:

Holy, Holy, Holy....

From Eucharistic Prayer 3, Enriching Our Worship
(Church Pension Fund, 1998)


Mother Laura said...

Please pray for my Sophia sister Peg and her family.

Her brother-in-law Mike, age 46 with three young sons, most likely has liver cancer. Peg is determined to pray for a miracle so those boys do not lose their father. It is especially stressful for his wife Ellen as he wants the news withheld from their friends and church. And Peg's father has an aneurysm on his aorta though it is not an immediate crisis.

Peg herself just lost her job and needs a new one--also support as she spends this week in retreat discerning whether to move back to the East Coast to support her family through this or stay here where her ministry in environmental protection is fruitful (but all volunteer...)

Many thanks.

leah sophia said...

prayers arising for Peg and family, Laure. in addition, please pray for san diego county; we're having major wildfires again. thanks!

Tammy Gray said...

Prayers for those needs are being said. We continue to request prayers that my husband gets a job soon. We moved here so that I could serve a church. Please pray for the ways this need is impacting my ministry as well.

Mother Laura said...

Prayers for your intentions, Leah and Tammy, and all the people (and animals) in danger or anxiety on both counts.

rev maria said...

This Tuesday morning as fires rage throughout the state of California, we pray for all those evacuated, for those who have already lost homes, for the firefighters and police in the front lines of this battle, and for the members of Malibu Presbyterian Church whose building was burned to the ground Sunday morning.

Holy God, please bring rain to this parched earth.

Mother Laura said...