Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday Prayer

Be in our mouths and in our speaking
Be in our ears and in our listening
Be in our hands and in our working
Be in our hearts and in our loving.



juniper68 said...

Continued prayers for the folks of southern California.

And prayers for several of my acquaintanence who are having trouble sleeping at night (me included).

Songbird said...

I join you in those prayers and ask for yours as I continue to discern what's next for me in terms of ministry.

see-through faith said...

praying for Songbird's calling, and juniper's friends etc who cant' sleep ...

and asking for all yourprayers for badalice

whose little one is facing brain surgery.


Mother Laura said...

Prayers for all who have asked.

Thank you very much for the prayers for my discernment--I got a lot of peace about not killing myself for teaching jobs, especially for undergrads only, which also means I am negotiating my way out of spring term in Toronto to minimize family apartness. And I just got an email saying I have a preliminary interview at the American Academy of Religion conference with the plum medieval job of the year (there are usually three, it's a very small niche):


Grad students and seminarians as well as undergrads, reasonable teaching load, lovely Methodists so no ministry closet....The move east would be a bit of a bummer but it would be such a reward for the priesthood costing me Fordham last year. I'll start by just asking that you please pray that this conversation (Nov. 18) goes well, and that I make the shortlist for the campus visit, probably after Christmas. Oh, and that I get two encyclopedia articles done for an Oct. 31 deadline, and that Toronto consents to keeping me for fall only, for the sake of not having to water down the c.v. that I sent for the app too much.

They asked for writing samples and said they were quite impressed, which I am hoping is code for "campus visit on the way unless you screw up the preliminary". After that it would be a slate of three, probably, and anything could happen.

Thanks so much! I would never make it w/o my RevGal sisters.

Tammy Gray said...

My prayers and heart are with you all. We are still needing a job for my husband after moving here for me to take a church. The lack of funds and stress on the family is impacting every area of our lives.