Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday Prayer

O God,
maker of every thing and judge of all that you have made,
from the dust of the earth you have formed us
and from the dust of death you would raise us up.
By the redemptive power of the cross,
create in us clean hearts
and put within us a new spirit,
that we may repent of our sins
and lead lives worthy of your calling;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Prayer: Laurence H. Stookey
Picture: Eileen Dehli


Cathy said...

what a beautiful image and prayer. Thank you.

smkyqtzxtl said...

A clean heart and a new spirit, I need, I want I ask you Jesus. Amen

Songbird said...


Rainbow Pastor said...

Oh, sisters, please keep me and my congregation in your prayers the next few days. We have a disruptive person in the congregation who is creating discord through innuendo and threats. Pray for strength for me as I (re)assert my authority, for strength and wisdom for the rest of the congregation as they resist this person's duplicity and love for us all as we work to love this person again. This person has caused one Board member to resign, and two members of the church (with a third likely). Painful hard times here...

revabi said...

May this season of Lent bring that clean heart and new spirit.

revabi said...

rainbow pastor, prayers for you and your congregation. Painful growth going on, someone unwilling to let go and let God.