Thursday, February 22, 2007

Psalm 16

Unnamable God, I feel you
with me at every moment.
You are my food, my drink,
my sunlight, and the air I breathe.
You are the ground I have built on
and the beauty that rejoices my heart,
I give thanks to you at all times
for lifting me from my confusion,
for teaching me in the dark
and showing me the path of life.
I have come to the center of the universe;
I rest in your perfect love.
In your presence there is fullness of joy
and blessedness forever and ever.
From A Book of Psalms,
selected and adapted from the Hebrew by Stephen Mitchell


Mary Beth said...

Would you all please be in prayer for me this morning - I have an exceptionally important meeting at 8:30 CST.


revabi said...

Mary Beth payers arising.

Teri said...

please pray for me too...I have some bizarre illness involving coughing and tiredness. My fever broke last night (yay), but I sound terrible. And I have a confirmation class lock-in on Saturday! ack!


Deb said...

I would appreciate your prayers. I went in for my annual well woman and my midwife said, "hmmm your fibroid is bigger." That was 2 weeks ago. OK, they get bigger. I am approaching menopause. That's not unusual. Life goes on. But, she ordered an abdominal sono just to be sure.

So that was today. And the tech, after having me in severe want-to-pee pain, announced that she wanted to do the transvaginal because she thought "some more pictures would be good." It wasn't on the order. She called it in while I was (wheewww) in the bathroom. As I walked back in she was saying "...lesion needs more views to be certain it is not malignant."

And then hung up the phone, clammed up, sono'ed me and sent me on my way.

SO yeah...
I need to rest in the perfect love of God...
and not in my imaginings!!!


Mary Beth said...

Thanks, and praying for Teri and Deb!

The meeting went well. Having asked for your thoughts, I felt enfolded in God's love.

Ain't that great!

Songbird said...

Mary Beth, retroactive prayers for you!
Deb, much prayer for you as well.

Lorna said...

thank you for this.

Free Flying Spirit said...

This rendition of this Psalm speaks to me..God surely meets us where we are. Likely is already waiting for us when we arrive.

Prayers for all are being sent.

I also am in need of your prayers as whatever had hold several times before is back again. No fever, just tired, and chesty/cold stuff. It's the tired I cannot figure. Being in the midst of root canal cannot be helping either. 4 to 5 more visits to go.

Please continue holding my church up as well...this will not be settled now until April's meeting of the Presbytery Court. March's meeting it will be hashed out in a good committee that supports us, but it will be hard for some.

Though I'm not in paid ministry here, I am on the transition team and chair the sub-committee that brought this forward. We believe God has closed some doors in order to open others.....discernment has been done. Will others 'see' that? We wait...that is hard for all here it's been such a long go. Presbytery reps are on these committees as well.