Saturday, June 23, 2012

saturday: thorns to berries

Help me to please You
in humility of spirit,
in brotherly and sisterly love,
in pure simplicity,
in humble shyness,
in the protection of my senses,
in appreciation of life,
in alacritous obedience,
in sweet patience,
in spiritual discipline,
in a chosen poverty,
in holy tolerance,
in maturity of conduct,
in cheerfulness of spirit,
in all truth,
in good conscience,
in steadiness of faith,
in godly perseverance,
in strength of hope,
in the wholeness of loving,
and in the joyful harmony of Your kindness,
so the prickly thorn bush of my heart will be changed into a paradise of good acts and a red raspberry bush of total spiritual excellence, as if it were a field full of everything peaceful, holy, loving, and kind, all blessed by God!

~Catherine the Great, Spiritual Exercises~

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Terri said...

Wow...prickly thorn bush of my heart....