Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Prayer for a Hot Summer's Day

One Hot Summer Day

Look outside
It's a gorgeous day,
I think all the children
Should go out and play.

The sun is shining
It's so hot outside,
The metal monkey bars are burning
And so is the enormous slide.

From that stroll we just went on
I'm exhausted, I must go rest,
For those very tired feet of mine
I am sure that will be the best.

Now that the day is over the children still ask,
"Can we play with just one more toy?"
"Tomorrow is another day", I tell them
"Another day to enjoy."
Author: Unknown
Gracious God, on this hot summer day (at least it's hot and summer where I am in the northern hemisphere,  the United States) - bless us with wisdom to use the resources of this earth with care and integrity. May we be mindful of our carbon footprint, the waste we leave behind. May we be mindful of our actions, and strive for clean water, clean earth, clean air, that all the children of the earth can live safely, and in good health. May we rejoice at, and with, the beauty of this earth, our island home, this earth - your body, where you God have made manifest your most wild dreams and creativity. Amen.  

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