Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Prayer: Feeling Torn

God of all space and time,

You are able to be in all places and at all times.

Sometimes, I think You forget that I am not.

I feel the tug of the work to which You have called me.

I yearn for more time in the relationships in which You have involved me.

I crave rest. I long for You.

Help me to be at peace with where I am from moment to moment.

Guide me through the Spirit to see the "extra" time in my day.

Slow my feet and speed my comprehension... that I might be more aware of the ways You are moving.

Help me to become receptive to the gift of Your peace.

I know, dear God, that is a horribly passive prayer.

But passivity is my prayer to You.

You are the actor, the First Mover, the Giver, and the Invitation.

Help me to respond, even with stillness.


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