Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Prayer

O immeasurably tender love! Who would not be set afire with such love? What heart could keep from breaking? You, deep well of charity, it seems you are so madly in love with your creatures that you could not live without us! Yet you are our God, and have no need of us. Your greatness is no greater for our well-being, nor are you harmed by any harm that comes to us, for you are supreme eternal Goodness. What could move you to such mercy? Neither duty nor any need you have of us --but only love!

~~Saint Catherine of Siena

Chervin, Ronda De Sola. Prayers of the Women Mystics. Ann Arbor: Servant Publications, 1992. 88.


Terri said...

Yes, lovely. Amen.

Dorcas said...

Thank you for this reminder. Just what I needed before heading off to bed after a difficult day.