Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Prayer: Easter 6, To Love, Be Love, For Love

Oh God
How much more can we take?
Wave after wave of violent storms,
human made,
enough, already. Honestly
do your thing, God
and love as only you can.

Love us back to wholeness.
Love us back to wellness
Love us back to fullness
Love us. Love us. Love.

Your love, O God, is not
like human love. It's not
really about emotions, rather
it's about action. Love as a verb
doing what You do, love is.

Love heals. Love restores. Love
mends. Love reaches out to strangers
love enables one to help another
be, become, more who each is meant
to be. Love God, love others, as self.

Gracious God, there is more
destruction and devestation
around us, more than we could
imagine. Dig your hand into
this muck, this chaos,
the broken lives,
and through love,
with love,
guide us.
Help us to be

Help us to be your love.
Bless our lives that we
may be a blessing, too.

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