Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a hike and a prayer

So, this morning, I am skipping an association meeting in favor of taking some reflection time (since I will be tied up with association stuff both Saturday and Sunday...)

I have been going down rabbit holes of blogs, and went on a hike in Alaska which felt like prayer.
But if you don't have time for a hike,  here is another prayer.

Love of Life,
Creator of  leaves and tulips and bugs and rocks,
Windy, turbulent strong Spirit...
Help me...
Help me be with you and in you and aware of you all around me this day.

There is work to do, people to meet, things to administrate, plans to be made...
And it is all important, but help me live in You as the work is done.

I pray for awareness.  
And a moment or two, to take a walk.



Jan said...

Please pray for me, with the long-awaited diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, not that I wanted it, but I needed a concrete name for the pain I've been having since Christmas.

Terri said...

Jan, we will be pray for you as you find the care and treatment that will ease this pain.

revkjarla said...

Indeed, Jan, many many prayers for your health. The concrete name will help with a concrete treatment plan, I hope. Yours in faith, Karla