Friday, December 31, 2010

A Prayer for the New Year

Bless us, O Lord, and bless the time and seasons yet to come. Teach us to number our days aright,that we may gain wisdom of heart. And fill this new year with your kindness so that we may be glad and rejoice all the days of our life. God of times and seasons, we know that our calendar is not like yours--yet it seems the new year, like a new born child, is placed in our hands as the old year passes away. The days and weeks to come are Your gift. May they carry your blessing. As a blessing, we welcome them. Our prayer as the year closes is that all that was good in it remain with us into the new year--and all that was harmful be left behind. Amen

Based partially on a prayer by Fr. Victor Hougland, CP


Ivy said...

Thank you Singing Owl. This so beautifully expresses our hopes and desires as God's children. May the new year be a blessed one for you and your family. Thanks be to God.

Terri said...

Amen and thank you, I too hope for this.