Thursday, December 30, 2010

Every moment is a prayer

It’s really quite simple. When we look at a tree, God is there. When we look at a flower, God is there. When we look at the sky, God is there. When we look at the earth, God is there. We can see God in the faces of people on the street, in the faces of our children, our friends, our partners, our colleagues, and our bosses. When we see God shining through the faces of all those around us—those like us and those unlike us—every moment
becomes a prayer and the world becomes a different place to live in.
~~Anne Wilson Schaef
With thanks to Ellie at The Anchorhold.


Terri said...

lovely, thank you Jan.

Muthah+ said...


My partner of 33 years just got a bad report from a routine mammeogram this week. She goes into for a biopsy on Tues. We need prayers. Her name is Judy.

Terri said...

prayers for Judy, and you as well, Muthah.

Jan said...

Prayers for Judy.