Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Oh, God, whose gender we do not have any way of knowing, but about which we fuss and fight,
Send waves of love and mercy over us
Every one of us, your precious children

Our churches are so broken and fractured
Within and without
We worry about our relevance, our future
Even as we forget to follow the simplest teachings of Jesus:

Love everyone
Give to the poor
Help people

Let us swim this day in the ocean of your love.


Mompriest said...

amen. thank you.

Gaye said...

amen from me also

ramona said...

This prayer brings a particular congregation to mind - broken and fractured and unsure about God's purpose for them.

God hold all congregations close, especially those who are divided and struggling. Amen

SingingOwl said...


revkjarla said...

love the image of swimming in the ocean of God's love....