Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Prayer

Our Loving Creator God,

We bring before you this day
the burden the whole world carries
as it endures extreme poverty and hunger
in every land.

Stretch out your loving arms, we pray,
to embrace the suffering women, men and children
whose bodies, minds and spirits are shrinking
before our very eyes.

Help us to look, really look,
with clear eyes and open hearts,
to see the pain and hopelessness
in their bewildered eyes.

Kindle within each one of us
a flame of love and purpose,
and then

Enable us to channel our love into action
in every way possible
and impossible.

For this we pray. Amen.

~Mimi A. Simpson of Santa Barbara, CA

Ed. Margaret Rose, Jenny Te Paa, Jeanne Person, and Abagail Nelson. Lifting Women's Voices: Prayers to Change the World. NY: Morehouse Publishing, 2009. 90-91.


Mompriest said...

I love that book of prayers, and this one too. thanks, Jan, for reminding me of it...

SingingOwl said...

Beautiful. Amen