Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a prayer for all that we forget but finally remember....

Hello dear prayer pals,
I am just getting into the swing of posting for Tuesday prayer, but alas, I forgot until now.   So, today, I am going to offer a prayer for the times when we get charging ahead into our days without checking our schedules, for the times we forget and remember too late, or remember just in time....or, whatever. 

Oh Holy One,
When we get going without checking in with our hearts, or with You...
Slow us down.
Slow us down so that we might enter into each day at least with awareness of what might be in store...
Help us to be planful, but open to spontaneity, surprise, whimsy, and the leading of your Spirit.
Help us to be open and ready, but not erratic....

O dearest God,
There is so much love and hurt and details on all of our plates.  Help us to feed each other, and allow us to be fed by you.

Oh Holy One,
Slow us down.
Give us rest,
Give us peace,
Give us breath.



Mompriest said...

slow dowm, breathe, pray. amen. thank you.

Gaye said...

With the day I have ahead of me today, I needed to pray this prayer.
Will carry it with me in the detail of my day

SingingOwl said...

Thank you