Monday, October 25, 2010

Open Arms

O Lord,
I am caught in that moment of half-light,
the breathless point of balance between sun and moon.
As I bid farewell to the cold purification of the night,
in the same movement, I fling wide my arms
to be embraced by the warmth and glory of the sun,
knowing that in due time I will bow to the receding light
and open my arms to darkness once again.

Thus, O Lord, You come into our lives,
in the blaze of spendour, the certainty of Your presence,
in the times of aridity and isolation, even to the point of
Throughout this continuing journeying,
from the zenith of midday to the depths of midnight
and back to blinding noontide, we grow towards You,
the true light, that shines like the sun beyond darkness,

(Earth Prayers, edt. by Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon: HarperCollins; 1991)


Songbird said...

In this period of transition in so many parts of my life, I would appreciate prayers.

Mompriest said...

prayers aplenty, ascending ((Songbird)) - held you intentionally in my prayers at church yesterday, too.

revkjarla said...

zenith of midday to depths of midnight....
prayers for you Songbird....

ask for prayers, too, for a dear former colleague facing huge challenges....

Mompriest said...

prayers for your former colleague, too, karla.

ramona said...

I am traveling in that arid place. It is good to have the reminder that the journey will eventually take me to greener places.

Prayers are appreciated as I continue to await first call...and for my colleagues who also wait.

Mompriest said...

prayers for you and your colleagues, ramona...and for your journey through this arid time...

Mary Beth said...

Praying for Songbird, for Karla's friend, for Ramona and her colleagues, for Terri.

So much waiting for the work of the Spirit to be revealed.

I hold my breath, that I might not miss it.