Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Prayer

God bless our eyes so that we will recognise injustices.
God bless our ears so that we will hear the cry of the stranger.
God bless our mouths so that we will speak words of welcome to newcomers.
God bless our shoulders so we will be able to bear the weight of struggling for justice.
God bless our hands so that we can work together with all people to establish peace.

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Mary Beth said...

Wonderful. Beautiful. Thank you!

Please pray for my dear friend Meg, who is having LapBand surgery tomorrow morning. It's outpatient, but she is very afraid.

I am more afraid for the weeks and months to come, when her life will have changed so very drastically.

Of course, if she did not do this, it's likely she would not be alive much longer. Sigh.

Sophia said...

Praying for Meg, Mary Beth.

Sophia said...

Please pray that I will find a good therapist--had to fire the latest one I've been trying today and I am getting really tired of the search process. (Since, as with chiropractors, some bad ones can be ruled out through an interview and some only by making oneself vulnerable and getting hurt. Blech.)

Also for my prayer team sister, Joanie, who is in the hospital for testing and will have kidney or heart surgery once it has established which is the true culprit in her symptoms.


Mary Beth said...

You & Joanie in my prayers...