Monday, March 23, 2009

Harbor Me

Healing journeys carry me
through the deep waters
of my soul.

Healing journeys carry me
to sacred places
inside of me,
to sacred places
I build so carefully
each day of my life.

Healing my soul
brings me joy.
Joy carries me to heaven.

I am frightened
by the deep waters.
I run to hide
from my fears and confusion.
I run to hide
from my pain.

Here, in my heart
the love and the strength
will save me,
the love and the strength
I feel for God
and my self too.

Service wakes my power
to be a man.
Service brings
my heart and soul together
in love and strength too.

Help me find the words
to harbor me
so gently and so powerfully
in the deep waters
of my soul,
in the waters of truth,
in the waters of life.

Please God,
Dear God,
Love me the way
to Your Sweet Awesome
Place in the world.
Harbor me in Your Presence,
so that I might ask You
to be my heart and soul again.

Aaron Bar-David, living and writing with autism


Sophia said...

Prayers of thanksgiving for leading an absolutely amazing retreat on Saturday! And for ongoing blessings and growth for everyone who participated, especially the two who shared their souls with me in spiritual direction.

Mary Beth said...

Great news, Sophia!