Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Prayer

Holy One,
Creator of all that is, was and will be -
There are so many ways to praise you!
Help me this day to find the one
that brings me the most joy.
Because I know that my delight,
delights you.

photo credit unknown


Sophia said...

Love it, Juniper!

And it's rather apropos as I circle back around in my discernment....There is a one year position starting next fall within an hour's drive of us so no move disrupting family and church involvement....Long shot but please pray that if I would be happy and serve God well there I will be the one chosen. If not that I will be guided what I should do and the way will open there (I'm also praying about and likely applying to CPE for the summer/early fall). Thanks.

Mary Beth said...

A splendid combination of photo and prayer. Thank you!

Sophia, praying for your path.

Mary Beth said...

And I'm back to ask for your prayers for my serenity - I am asking some painful questions of my faith as I have understood it for the last 20 years, and it seems to be permeating all I think and do.

I'm finding it hard to stay with my daily tasks, which is necessary (at least my boss thinks so!)


Sophia said...

Praying, dear MB.