Monday, February 9, 2009

True Reality

The practice of true reality is simply to sit serenely
in silent introspection.

Bright and penetrating, you can immediately return,
accord, and respond to deal with events.

Everything is unhindered,
clouds floating up to the peaks,

The moonlight flowing down mountain streams.

Zen Master Hongzhi, 1129


Sophia said...

Please pray for our first meeting(s) tomorrow with a very promising psychologist for my son. I am going in for a background session while Nick is still in school-at the psych's request, which impressed me. Then I'm taking him back after school for his turn. He didn't even complain today when I informed him, offering him the chance to just go every other week as I am doing with my therapist to get a resource on line for some support and to draw on if things get harder....So I am hopeful but still concerned that they really hit it off. And that I like the guy in person and on a longer contact as well, of course.

Animal lovers, please also pray for Elf, the world's sweetest lizard who is much beloved by my son. When we woke up today his skin was very dark, which was a little scary. We're hoping he's just getting ready to shed, but I bought some lizard vitamin drops to spray on his lettuce just in case!

Sophia said...

Hi again, friends. I spoke with my friend Melani tonight and she is asking for prayers for Ariel, a 26 year old mother from her church who is very imminently dying of breast cancer. Also for herself, a survivor herself and a pastor but not the pastor, as she tries to be a nonanxious presence as much as Ariel and her family desire and stay in the background if that is better for them.