Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Prayer

Most loving God, your concern for the poor is unrelenting
- draw our concern into yours;
your compassion for the poor is limitless
- draw our compassion into yours;
as you long for justice, may we also strive for it.
Forgive our doubt, forgive our neglect.
Open our eyes to structures of oppression
and free us from apathy and indifference.
Give us courage to accept our responsibility,
wisdom to chart a sound course amid complexity,
perseverance to finish our work,
and the gift of your Spirit to do what alone we cannot do.
So may we serve to the honor and glory of your Name
and the wellbeing of your beloved people throughout the world.
By the Rt. Rev. Jeffery Rowthorn.


Mary Beth said...

Will you please keep in prayer my friends: Dotty, who has uterine cancer and will have surgery on Tuesday next; she is very scared; and

Meg, who probably weighs 500 lbs. and was scheduled for LapBand surgery on Nov. 6, but now it may not go through. An employer/insurance issue. She's been on a liquid diet in preparation for several weeks. She MUST have this surgery. Or something.

Mother Laura said...

Praying, MB.