Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Prayer

Be Thou my will,
Be Thou my will,
Be Thou my will.

~~Thomas Kelly


Mary Beth said...

Oh, I so need this today! Thanks, Jan.

I am CRANKY. So much change, so many new initiatives, and my colleagues and I are saying, "but...what about these other things we are you want us to stop those?" (in weak voices).

It will all be okay. I need to step away from the crankiness and into God.

thanks for listening

Songbird said...

As I live in the pretty broad pendulum swing between pastoring a clearly dying church and attempting to discern this call to new church birthing, I need this today, too.

MB, you are in my prayers, as are those who live in the paths of storms of all kinds.

Juniper said...

Please pray for my friend Rebecca who is in her 40th hour of labor with her first child.

Mother Laura said...

Prayers for all, especially Rebecca, Juniper. And for you after your surgery, Jan--thanks for posting faithfully anyway.

Mary Beth said...

40 hours!

Prayers all round. thanks!