Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Prayer

Your silence is full, irresistible;
your presence is joy unspeakable.
People drifting into mind
we lift to you and pray they find
health in sickness,
life in deadness,
strength in weakness,
light in darkness.
Their loss you bear, mysteriously;
Your peace you share, eternally.

~Anglican Church of Kenya, Our Modern Services (Nairobi: Uzima Press, 2002), p15


LutheranChik said...

Please pray for my parish -- Hope Lutheran Church in Rhodes, MI -- as we as a faith community cope with an avalanche of suffering and loss in our congregation and wider community this week. Two of our members -- one of whom has a spouse battling cancer -- are critically ill; a custodial grandma and her three young grandchildren were all seriously injured in a car crash; a neighbor killed by heavy construction equipment; the brother of one of our parishoners who had been missing for a month was found dead, apparently of natural causes, in a remote area of the township; and members of our local first responder team are having a tough time processing all the death and gore they've had to experience in the last few days. My pastor, who is also a volunteer firefighter, says that this is one of the worst weeks he's had to undergo professionally.

Mother Laura said...

Prayers on the way, LC.

Juniper said...

prayers all around.

wow, a pastor and a volunteer firefighter. taht is something...

Songbird said...

Oh, LC, I will. I will.

Mary Beth said...