Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Prayers for Healing

Lord God, Giver of Life, Source of all healing,
who alone can help us grow in wholeness:
We thank you for the gift of life and health,
and remembering your faithful servants
Cosmus and Damian
we ask you to guide and uphold
all doctors, surgeons, hospital staffs and
all engaged in the ministry of healing
together with those they serve,
that disease and disunity
may everywhere be overcome;
through Christ the Divine Healer,
who suffered and died and lives and reigns
with you and the Holy Spirit
our God of Salvation, now and always.

parish prayer - st. cosmus & st. damian in the blean

*I know just too many people in the hospital right now -- too many who are suffering in spirit and in the flesh. Prayers their way today.


Juniper said...

This seems a little silly in light of today's prayer, but I would like to ask for prayers that God's will could be known re our pet situation.

Some of you may know that we tried to get a dog last year, but had to take her back after he bit our 6 year old, which was sad as he was a great dog in every other way.

Still, I really wanted a pet, but my husband prefers cats (which I like fine) and we moved recently into a house with a built-in little screen porch for cats. So the situation seemed perfect for cats and it seemed like it would be kind, and fun to foster kittens from the shelter who were waiting until they were old enough to be adopted. A month or so commitment seemed perfect, and it seemed like it woudl help us see if a cat would be a good pet for us. (We've had cats before and loved them, but not since E was born).

We had one litter of three for about 10 days, but they kept losing weight and were sick with head colds, so the shelter told us to bring them back, which we did.

Now we have a single kitten, so sweet, but long haired and my husband seems to have an allergy to LH cats he didnt know about. HE's been coughing hard for a week, which with his MD is just NOT OK,
so now we have to bring this one back tomorrow too.

The cats themselves are great, and we all enjoy them, but the drama around them not so much. Is this just what it's like to have pets (bites, illness, allergies)? I seem to remember more enjoyment than this.

Please ask God for help discerning how we can have a relationship with some animals, which is so important to me, seems so natural for most people and for our family is so fraught with DRAMA.

Thanks and sorry for this long, silly request. I just cant blog about this at my site,not sure why, except that it makes me feel like a total failure, which is not something I"m in the mood to explore in public right now.

Jennifer Juniper

PS: I"m also taking your advice, as well as God's by the way :)

Mother Laura said...

Not silly at all, Juniper, and you definitely have my prayers. The right animal can be such a blessing to a family and you and yours deserve that love and companionship.

Mary Beth said...

Praying for you, Juniper.

We have Maltese dogs, which are non-allergenic because they don't have the undercoat that most dogs and cats do...therefore don't shed.

One Maltese can be a delight...