Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shout praises to the Holy One

It's graduation day here in Finland - Jesus we shout YOUR praises for this day - and ask you bless each and every one who celebrate today! Be also with those who failed to make the grade. Help them in their disappointment. Bless the graduates - as they now apply for continuing education places or make career choices.

It's end of school year for many throughout the northern hemisphere - Jesus we shout YOUR praises today for those in education. Bless the teachers with well-deserved rest, bless students with fair reports which show them where to focus their studies next years, bless support staff (kitchens, cleaners, janitors, secretaries, counsellors.) with knowing that they did a great job.

It's summer time. Bless people's plans this summer- holidays and trips away -changing congregations (with summer /winter migrations), visits with families and friends. Lord we ask for travel mercies, for abudant patience and tolerance where it is needed. We thank you too for volunteers who run summer camps and programmes for kids and families. Lord give us willing hearts to serve you in new ways.

It's moving time. Bless pastors (including RevAbi) and others who are moving house just now - especially pastors who move on to pastor a new congregation. We also ask your blessing and guidance for those who are making transitions in other ways.

It's outreach time. Lord inspire, protect and all those who will go on outreach this summer - those who reach out in love to those in the nearby neighbourhoods as well as those who travel far - even to foreign parts. We ask special blessing on young people - let their leaders be a great example to them and help them grow in healthy ways in their faith.

Jesus -we shout YOUR PRAISES - because you are faithful and loving and our salvation.


Songbird said...

I've just received an email from a friend of Mother Laura's asking us to pray for Laura and her family. I'm not sure what is going on, but there is a serious family crisis and Laura is away from computer/phone, etc. Please keep her family in your prayers (husband Matt, son Nicholas and daughter Katie).

Mary Beth said...

Lord, hear our prayers for Laura and her loved ones.