Friday, May 30, 2008

Prayer For World Vision

(I came across a 60's-era version of this prayer, author unknown...the places have changed, but 40 years later the situations are still the same. Lord, have mercy.)

When I turn off the 11 o'clock news I glance at my watch and yawn, and it's off to bed. Nothing wrong with that. But what of those babies crying motherless outside that Myanmar village? The vacant stare of the Rust Belt factory worker with only memories of a job? The men, women and children in the sweatshops of China, the prison camps of Russia, the refugee camps of the Sudan, the slums of Brazil? They are all part of my family. How will they sleep tonight? Let me use what little voice and power I have to speak and act on their behalf. For we have but one world, Lord or none at all.

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