Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Prayer

In the morning light, O God,
may I glimpse again your image deep within me
the threads of eternal glory
woven into the fabric of every man and woman.
Again may I catch sight of the mystery of the human soul
fashioned in your likeness
deeper than knowing
more enduring than time.
And in glimpsing these threads of light
amidst the weakness and distortions of my life
let me be recalled
to the strength and beauty deep in my soul.
Let me be recalled
to the strength and beauty of your image in every living soul.
--J. Philip Newell


mompriest said...

Prayers for my daughter. She is 19 and had a pap smear come back indicating severe dysplasia with cancer cells...we now live 2000 miles apart....her biopsy will be next Thursday.

Mother Laura said...

Oh, MP, I am so sorry--praying for her and for you alike.

Mother Laura said...

I could use prayers, sisters. We are in the middle of a sudden move to a lovely apartment close to the beach, and it's exhausting. I am also swamped with unexpected grief over leaving where we are now, including the kids' school, and being two weeks from Julian's due date (the baby I lost in the fall....)

Many thanks.