Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Prayer

Gracious God, your promise rests on our hearts and brings comfort and strength for our Lenten walk together. We thank you for the stories of our ancestors of faith as they inform and inspire our own understanding of your Mystery and Presence.

We thank you for the courage of Nicodemus and the faithfulness of Abram and Sarai. They teach us that it is possible to believe in what we do not fully comprehend with our intellectual minds. They show us that trust in the matters of the Spirit bears tremendous fruit for the human path of faithfulness.

Guide us God, on that path, as we move through this season of Lent and make our way toward Holy Week and the celebration of Easter. Be with us and give us strength to move forward into uncertain times.

God, we ask for your blessing upon all who suffer today. This world we live in is crying out for a word of peace, justice and love. May each of us bring that word, and shine your light, wherever we go. These and all of our prayers, we lift up in the name of Jesus, who taught his friends to pray together, saying…


Mother Laura said...

Thank you so much for mentioning Sarai. I am really frustrated by the many sermons, some by women preachers, which leave her out when she was a full participant in the journey and had just as much courage and faith as Abraham.

Teri said...

I confess I did that this time, though I usually focus more on Sarai than Abram. I just couldn't make that work this week and deal with the shooting in the same sermon. Thanks, ML, for reminding us of one of God's crucial partners!