Saturday, February 16, 2008

I am an Overcomer (by the grace of God)

I am not defeated. I am an overcomer.

I want to live to give glory to You, God. All creation resounds with your praise, and longs to be finally reconciled. I am part of Your purposes.

You cause my heart to soar like an eagle.
You teach my feet to conquer like a deer.
All I survey shall echo with Your praise, and Lord,

I know that I must know You here

You place a reservoir within my heart, Lord
that all my tears would come from a different place
that all my ways would minister Your grace
to those who long
to see Your face

Teach us Lord to cry with Your tears as well as our own.

(Taken from Celtic Daily Prayer, Northumbrian Office)


Mother Laura said...

O, thank you, Lorna. This is beautiful and just what I needed today.

I ask your prayers, sisters, because after just about resolving to let go of the endless academic job search I found out about a very promising opportunity last night, with just time to make Friday's deadline. (Also Rachel's birthday, which may or may not be some kind of sign). One year teaching fellowships at Villanova, right where we used to live at Rosemont, and right on my research and teaching focus/experience: Augustine and his influence, writing-intensive, interdisciplinary seminars for first year students. And my adviser used to teach there before coming to Notre Dame.

I was sad about letting the academics go but happy about not moving and not having to keep facing this endless uncertainty and fighting the last teaching/abuse demons, so I am surprisingly scared to finish the application materials, esp. finishing up an article revision that would be very useful to have on the c.v. Please pray that I will experience God's love deeply and find clarity about what I am being called to do and peace of mind and heart through this process.

Many thanks.

Mary Beth said...

A little late, Laura, but praying.

Mother Laura said...

Thanks very much, Mary Beth (and everyone else who prayed). I fought with God Saturday night, got a good night's sleep, got anointed and prayed for by the healing team after Communion on Sunday. Great combo for peace of mind and heart, and I'm revising the article and should be able to send it off soon--which will be a great bonus of the whole thing even if I don't get the job.