Thursday, October 18, 2007

Prayer for Guidance

Lord, show me clearly what you want me to do
with the gifts you have given me.

Grant me the strength that I need
to answer your call with courage and love.

Make me a generous person
so that others may experience your love through me.

Help me always to look to You
as the One who will show me the way to live my life.

(I have seen this in several places on the web. I don't know who wrote it.
I would give credit if I knew where credit was due ... )


juniper68 said...

wow. came here to ask for prayers as I'm feeling overwhelmed with a new job and some unbloggable family stuff, too. and found this prayer. thanks so much, it was just right.

Widening Circles said...

Prayers going up for you as you work your way through these things ...

Mother Laura said...

Love and prayers to you Juniper, and if you want to vent off-blog feel free to email me.

This prayer is perfect for me too today, as I was coming to ask for prayers on a discernment process I can't blog about. I am doing a one year postdoc and applying for permanent college teaching jobs in theology, and don't want to cut that possibility off by expressing uncertainty on my blog, which has my real name on it. But I have a recurring desire to switch focus to ministry and spiritual writing (I would keep writing professional theology as well, but wouldn't have the time drain and move-from-home aspect of a teaching position). This would probably involve doing a D.Min. in pastoral counseling, as I have a longheld dream to develop new healing resources for women coping with pregnancy loss in all its forms.

I am quite excited about the possibility but also know it could be a false trail generated by anxiety about the job and move process, and unhealed stuff about academia from the undergraduate clergy sexual abuse....So I am trying to pray through it carefully, deepen my healing, and also my passionate desire for, and trust, in God's dream for my life-so I can make a free and lifegiving decision.

Thanks for listening, and for praying with and for me on this.

Songbird said...

Juniper and ML, you have my prayers. I, too, am in a discernment process. Our Conference Minister has asked me to consider being a New Church Start pastor. I am excited about the possibility but concerned about all the uncertainties (particularly financial ones), eager to start the assessment process, but reluctant to believe it's really possible in case it doesn't work out.
Which all sounds like a case for prayer, doesn't it?

Mother Laura said...

Yes, indeed, Songbird--discernment prayers for you too. Nice compliment to be asked, hmm?