Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday's Prayer

And the deepest scars of all
Which to humans are unseen
But the angel could see clearly
Were the scars upon the dreams

Like Belfast and Burundi
Rwanda, Palestine
The only decorations here
Had been awarded for their crimes

And in gardens where the children played
Now soldiers only trod
And stranger still, he heard some say
That they were killing for their god

Now the angel heard god speak many times
And he had always paid attention
But this killing of ones neighbor
Was something the Lord had never mentioned

But as he neared the earth
Of a recent battleground
From among the ruins
He once more heard the sound

It was a single cello playing
A forgotten Christmas song
And even on that battlefield
The song somehow belonged

And as he flew away
The angel did take note
That where he found this music played
One always could find hope

-- Trans-Siberian Orchestra, "Prince of Peace"

The Cellist of Sarajevo

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mompriest said...

Lovely. The soldier in our family (sigh) is traveling home for a two week leave. He is currently on a convoy driving through Afghanistan to Kuwait. From there he flys to Germany, then Atlanta then home. He ought to be here on Monday (ah, that's 5 days of travelling, and some of it through dangerous terrain...) Prayers for this broken world that sacrifices our children to war.