Thursday, September 27, 2007

God alone is sufficient

Let nothing disturb you,
   Nothing frighten you.
All things are passing.
   God never changes.
Patient endurance
   attains all things.
Whoever possesses God
   lacks nothing.
God alone is sufficient.

—St. Teresa of Avila


Mother Laura said...

The ultrasound today showed retained tissue, so I will be having a D and C, hopefully tomorrow. (The OB is available but we won't know about the OR till the morning).

Please pray it can happen tomorrow, at midday rather than late afternoon if at all possible, and that I will be physically safe and peaceful. I am pretty anxious as I haven't had surgery in a long time (except for an emergency C section in my first labor, which there wasn't time to stress about)...

And also for my brave little Katie who will have two cavities filled in the morning.


lorna (see throughfaith) said...

a really timly prayer. I heard today that a group I've just started going to has been cancelled to seek God's way forward. I'm disappointed as this already had beena time of growing for me and a safe place. Pray that God will show me the way forward.

sorry too I've been here so seldom. computer problems. hopefully now fixed (new hard disc) and also forgotten passwords. sigh. WE live in a complex cyber world.

blessed weekend all

Tammy Gray said...

Mother Laura: I am praying. I had an emergency D&C. There will be cramping, take it easy when you get home.

Lorna: I am praying that God shows you the path to the right group for you.

Hello, I am Tammy Gray. I am a United Methodist Pastor. I seek your prayers. We moved my family to this area because I was taking responsibility for a church here. My husband has not been able to find work in our new location. We are struggling with this.

Mother Laura said...

Thank you Tammy and everyone; the surgery was uncomplicated and I have had very little pain in the aftermath.

Lorna, so sorry about your group as I know how much you need community. And Tammy, sorry about the stress of your husband's difficulty in finding work. Prayers for you both.