Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday, September 11

From a Litany of Remembrance, Penitence and Hop
(National Council of Churches)

God of the ages, before your eyes all empires rise and fall yet you are changeless. Be near us in this age of terror and in these moments of remembrance. Uphold those who work and watch and wait and weep and love. By your Spirit give rise in us to broad sympathy for all the peoples of your earth. Strengthen us to comfort those who mourn and work in large ways and small for those things that make for peace. Bless the people and leaders of this nation and all nations so that warfare, like slavery before it, may become only a historic memory. We pray in the strong name of the Prince of Peace. Amen


Songbird said...


juniper68 said...

I came to ask for prayers, but feel like I always come here to whine when things arent going well, and never to rejoice when things are fine, which they are most of the time. Anyway, I AM asking for prayers now, as I'm not dealing with transition as well as I could - lots of grief these days as it sets in that now that we've gotten an actual house and job in another city this move is probably permanent (yeah, sometimes it takes a while for things to sink in.) I'm just aware of all that's been left behind in terms of support and familiarity - all this new stuff is feeling kind of hard right now. Thanks for the prayers and I'm making a commitment to come back with a "joy" sometime soon.

Songbird said...

I hear you, and you have my prayers, juniper.

Lorna (see through faith) said...

sorry but your title "Litany of Remembrance, Penitence and Hop" really made me laugh - hopping mad?!

Praying for your transition Juniper