Friday, June 15, 2007

praying people

Prayer for Saturday 16th June

Lord, make us a praying people, passionate for You!

We give you thanks
for family and friends
for those we love
and those we find hard to love too

We give you thanks
for summer
for longer days
and a more relaxed schedule

We ask Your blessing
on our lives
at work, home and school
when we are busy
and when we are at rest

In this holiday season
we ask you for
travelling mercies & safety
opportunities to rest and enjoy life at a slower pace
that your love would flow and bring healing in our midst

We ask for more moments with You and to recognise You in our midst


Can I also ask you to join me in praying for our daughter and and all the other youngsters on the camp with her who will profess their faith in Jesus today?

Father, send Your spirit to help them hang on to their passion for You. Help them maintain the friendships that have been made so that they might continue to be a support for each other. We thank you for their leaders and ask that You would bless them abundantly. Help them all rest spiritually, emotionally and physically as they return to their homes.

I ask that you would continue to work in the lives of people around the world -that they would become to know you better and their lives would be transformed by their relationship with you.

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