Thursday, June 14, 2007

Open my hands

Living God,
open my heart,
my mind,
my hands.
All three feel more secure with some defenses.
And the price of their contentment
is my soul.

Daily Prayers for Busy People
William J. O'Malley


Lorna (see through faith) said...

I've been fuming all morning and could surely do with some prayers along the lines of letting go and letting God :)


the reverend mommy said...

This is Chaos.
Mommy had emergency surgery on her appendickxs last night and would like some prayer.
Thank you.

juniper68 said...

Thanks for sharing the news, Chaos. Prayers for your quick recovery Mommy! Hope you are much better soon.

Songbird said...

Mr. reverend mommy reports in blog comments that the appendix was inflamed, but did not burst, and rm was out of the hospital again six hours after surgery. Wow! That is what you call a short stay.

Mother Laura said...

Thank you for this powerful prayer and image.

Please pray for a friend who will be writing a difficult email tomorrow morning attempting to lovingly confront someone in authority over him, and for the recipient of his letter. My friend is requesting prayers that he be guided by the Holy Spirit as he seeks to speak the truth in love and that the recipient be open to conversion on some serious issues.

Many thanks.

rev maria said...

Chaos, now that Mommy is home take good care of her while she recovers. I have learned that it was a kitty who found the lump in my niece's breast, so I know kitties are agents of health. (I already knew that of course, but it's nice to have confirmation.)

I am holding your friend in prayer, Laura.

rev maria said...

Lorna, may God take your cares off your shoulders, and may you willing to let them go.