Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday's Prayer

Give thou thine heart to the wild magic,
To the Lord and the Lady of Nature,
Beyond any consideration of this world.

Do not covet large or small,
Do not despise weakling or poor,
Semblance of evil allow not near thee,
Never give nor earn thou shame.

The Ancient Harmonies are given thee,

Understand them early and prove,
Be one with the power of the elements,
Put behind thee dishonour and lies.

Be loyal to the Lord of the Wild Wood,
Be true to the Lady of the Stars,
Be true to thine own self besides,
True to the magic of Nature above all else.

Do not thou curse anyone,
Lest thou threefold cursed shouldst be,
And shouldst thou travel ocean and earth,
Follow the very step of the ancient trackways.


Rainbow Pastor said...

RevAbi--thank you so much. This is a lovely prayer.

I crave continued prayers for my son. I'll be seeing him this weekend, and hoping we can have some good close time together.

Also prayers for my young friend Matt. He's doing his best to deal with this situation with integrity--not allowing others to speak badly of his ex-fiancee, for example--but he is still young and it is difficult for him. Praise for his insight, and continued strength to do what is right. And my personal thanks to God for Matt's expressed gratitude to me (something I was beginning to think I would not see, and regretting).

Mary Beth said...

Praying for your son and for Matt.

Songbird said...

They have my prayers as well.

Mother Laura said...

Gorgeous prayer, Abi, and very welcome since I just got a nasty attack for the esoteric nature of my upcoming consecration.

Please pray for the priest it came from, who was widowed a few months ago way too young. I know that her rage at those who try to help and those who don't is, in large part, overflowing agony and a tangled desire for connection....but I can't take it, so I am leaving her in the hands of God and those who know her well enough to have some safety level in trying to reach past it.
And that makes me sad.

Mother Laura said...

Oh, and please pray for my retreat day tomorrow, the first of three (non consecutive) to prepare for my consecration as an IC bishop June 12. I don't fast from food but will be unplugging from the net after a quick morning check and am both excited and nervous.