Monday, May 28, 2007

In Paradisum

May the angels lead you into paradise,

may the martyrs come to welcome you,

and take you to the holy city,

the new and eternal Jerusalem.

May the choirs of angels welcome you

where Lazarus is poor no longer.

May you have eternal rest.

May you have eternal rest.

Traditional Latin chant for the funeral liturgy.


Mother Laura said...

Please pray for my sister in Sophia Catholic Communion, who is in the final stages of discerning her ordination to the transitional diaconate on the feast of Mary Magdalene this July.

Rainbow Pastor said...

Prayers going up, Mother Laura.

Thank you for the lovely prayer.

Gannet Girl said...

Thank you for the prayer. I remember how I loved the first line of it when it appeared in A Prayer for Owen Meany, but never knew where/how to find the source of the prayer itself.

Mother Laura said...

Rainbow Pastor: many thanks.

And great praise and thanksgiving to our Beloved--the answer to our prayers was immediate. My sister discerned that she needs more healing and processing time before taking those vows. And our pastoral relationship took a quantum leap through the conversation.

Gannet Girl: you can find the Latin, English, chant notation, and a reference, here.

juniper68 said...

thanks for this prayer, which hits, as they say, the spot.
And please pray for a family who lost an infant grandson/son in an accident this weekend.

Deb said...

I'm trying not to obsess, but I've been in a downer over a church position that I thought was "mine" upon completion of my internship in December 07... and it has gone to someone else. A male. My age. Also new to his calling.

Tentatively, we had talked about my coming on board in January, part time while I continued my degree. The elder board decided that they "can't wait" and they apologized profusely and they want me to "hang in there" because... well because I think they want me to candidate for other positions as they open.

God's timing and place for me is everything. I would not WANT that position were it not God's design. But I am discouraged... because suddenly things are not as I had expected.

Pray for peace. For patience. For God's clear unveiling of His plans for my life... and for my beloved bearded spouse who is (I am sure) tired of my "whys?????"

I know God is in control. That's what I am hanging on to right now... and I am really trying NOT to whine... but I am (I think) grieving something that I wanted and God has not granted.


Mother Laura said...

I am sorry for that very real grief, Deb, and pray for consolation and for the perfect position for you.