Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Honest Gratitude

Gratitude is a difficult emotion, God.
So often I am told to thank you
for food and clothing, health and strength,
the beauty of nature, the privilege of freedom,
but I don't really feel grateful.
I go through the motions of thanks, nothing more.

Yet, when I consider,
there are many things for which I am thankful.
I thank you, Lord,
for moments of inspiration,
flashes of joy, glimpses of truth.
I thank you for the hidden strengths
that carry me through the stresses of each hour.
I thank you for peace and relaxation
at the close of a hard day's work,
for grace that surprises me now and then,
in the midst of living, and transforms it for an instant,
for the comfort and frankness and joy
of a few good friends.
I am grateful too, Lord,
that you have not abandoned me
to my own vanity, conceit and prejudice,
but have kept nagging away at the back of my mind
with hard choices, testing decisions,
the constant challenge, in all that I do,
to find my life in losing it.

Most of all, I thank you for Jesus Christ,
who opened himself to the utmost
that I might see true life in him,
fully lived out and fully died out.
For his life risen and living in me this day,
I thank you, God and rejoice.

-J. Barrie Shepherd


smkyqtzxtl said...

I needed that. Blessings

Songbird said...

Thank you. And Amen.

mid-life rookie said...

We are grateful here in our household. G&T had a great first day at his new job. I'm so thrilled for him, I almost cry when I think about it. He put up with a drudge job for four years while I went to seminary. I'm so thankful he has this wonderful opportunity. Are there too many positive words in this? Nope. There aren't enough to tell God thank you in a thousand ways. Amen.

Lorna said...

I needed that too. Amen

Please pray that I'd be grateful. Tottis has lived with us for six months - and it's been great - she's like a big sister to DD and is like a friend and daughter to me

But she moves out tomorrow - having landed a job in HELSINKI.

Thank you God that she's been with us for these months. For the fellowship and fun we've had - and for her being part of our family

Lord I ask that the transition back to a family of four is smooth, and that we can close this chapter of our lives with thanksgiving - rather than longing that it could continue.


revabi said...

Thank God, and thank you Net. Praise God for midlife rookie.