Thursday, February 8, 2007


O God, you are my deepest desire,
the beginning and end of all of my heart’s yearnings.
I know I will never find true peace except in you.

Thank you for your presence in my life.
Help me to stay focused on you as I live this day.

You know my needs and desires
even before I form the words to express them,
but I bring them to you anyway.
This is who I am, and I give myself to you.

I ask your blessings on my family and friends,
especially those who are troubled.
Give me the grace to bring
your love and comfort to all I meet today.



Songbird said...

Praying this prayer here this morning with my daughter, who is feeling worried about things at school. My prayer is that she might find a place of calm at her center.

Deb said...

What an excellent focus for me, too. Resting instead of fretting...


Widening Circles said...

Praying here for your daughter ... and for my own.

Catherine+ said...

This is what I should have read yesterday...instead I moped. Blind me...