Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunday Prayer for Easter 4C

You are our Shepherd,
Jesus said he was the Good Shepherd.
But God if you are the good Shepherd, why?
Why must we be so violent? Is it because we don’t trust you as our good shepherd?
Where are you if you are the good shepherd?
Its not just in Boston or New York that people are killed by bombs
Its everywhere God.
It doesn't much feel like green pastures or still waters.
But we need you to make us lie down in green pastures and to lead us beside the still waters.
We all need green pastures and still waters to sooth our souls.
Lord we walk through some dark valleys now with the violence in the world.
We walk through our own dark valleys of death, illnesses, crisis, hardships, and tough times.
We want to believe and to not fear evil, but God sometimes we do fear.
How can this world feel safe if you can even run in a race or
walk in a run/walk event anymore without worrying if there is a bomb planted at the finish line.
We aren't always sure you are there right beside us.
But Lord we all need you right there beside us, guiding us, protecting us and comforting us.
God, our Shepherd we need you to prepare a feast for all of us,
Especially all who are hungry.
We need you to anoint our heads with your oil.
We need goodness and mercy to follow us all our days instead of the hatred, badness, mistreatment,
Bullying, and harming one another.
We all need to live in the house of the LORD our whole life long for there we find peace, your peace that overcomes that which is mean, violent and hard in this world.

Wait a minute Lord it’s us you need to bring the goodness and mercy, peace and reconciliation
into this world.
It’s us that you need to work toward justice and nonviolence so that we can have shalom in this world.
It’s us that need to prepare the feast for all and homes for the homeless.
But God, we want to remain safe and secure.
We don’t want to go to help change the world.
We are afraid.
We don’t want to be the ones you called to go into all the world and make disciples.
Lord forgive us, encourage us, equip us, and yes, send us Lord to change our world.
And Lord go with us as the Good Shepherd of the world.

based on Psalm 23

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