Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunday Prayer: Easter

Gracious God, we give thanks
for all the gifts of this life,
especially in the One through whom
Your love poured out into the world.
For You, who breathes life through Word
and who, against all odds
 restores hope.

Welcome Happy Morning!
This Easter day when
love prevails
and all creation is made new.

You, Oh Holy One cannot be stopped!
And, for that, we give thanks!

Welcome Happy Morning!
May this Easter-tide reveal
to us, more signs of your prodigal peace,
filling our hearts with radiant grace.
May your grace and peace reflect through us
that we may proclaim with JOY the
Paschal Mystery of the resurrection -
of this Easter love divine.

God of Word and flesh
be with those for whom
on this Easter Day
 there lingers still
pain and suffering, and yes, even death.
 Restore all creation to wholeness
of health in mind, body, spirit.
Restore all in your resurrection love.

Welcome Happy Morning!
Welcome blessed Easter!
Rejoice and give thanks
for Jesus Christ is risen!

Thanks be to God.
(This is my final prayer for Sunday prayers. It is has been a joy to offer these every other month for the last several years. I am grateful for sharing this with my colleague, RevAbi. Thank you for this opportunity.)

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parsoncarson said...

Thank you for sharing such beautiful prayers!