Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Prayer

In the 80's, someone taught me to pray using the acronym, ACTS (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication). 

 So, using that formula, let us pray....

Dear One,
I love pink grapefruit, strong coffee,
snow on tree-branches, purring cats, and dogs that smell like Fritos.
How wondrous is your world, how wondrous are you.

I must confess, Holy One, that I do not have a Lenten practice.
At all. I don't know why.
I have friends writing beautiful daily prayers, and posting thematic photos about the Lenten journey.
I have nothing.
I confess that this year, I don't care.
I confess that I am a little removed from my practice,
and I confess that I don't even feel sorry about that.

I am grateful that you love unrepentant people as much as anyone or anything.

My prayers today are for this gorgeous broken world,
for children struggling with mental illness,
for parents longing to love them and fix them;

for innocents living in abuse,
O God, hear my prayer, hear our prayer, have mercy, may Mercy find them....
I pray for those who are sad, lonely, for those who wait.
Indeed, for those who wait, of which I am one.

This whole fragmented and unfinished prayer is prayed in the name of Jesus, because he gets it.
What a gift.

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Mary Beth said...

Beautiful! bless you.