Tuesday, February 19, 2013

an evening prayer

I am spending the next few days in a retreat center overlooking the Puget Sound in Washington. The room I am staying in is dedicated to Genevieve, who cared about social justice. Holy One, Tonight I am travel weary, actually, weary in many ways, and can think of a billion other things I could be doing than sitting in this quiet room, alone except for the spiritual presence of Genevieve, without whom this room wouldn't exist in this way that it does now. I am grateful for Genevieve, for all the unknown Genevieves in our lives who touch us, even though we have no clue. I don't really WANT to be here tonight, dear God. But I am. So, I pray to be astonished these next few days. Astonished. I don't know what that really means, so it's a little scary to pray, but the preacher preached it on Sunday evening, and it sounds like a good idea. Astonish me Lord, astonish me... and help me to stop whining. Maybe Genevieve will help me with that. Amen.

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Amy+ said...

Astonish me is a very brave prayer - not whiney at all. Suiting up and showing up is 99% of the game, right?!