Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Prayer: Epiphany 2, Ordinary Time 2

Holy One, O Divine Wisdom
You look deep into the world and see all the broken places.
And, yes, the world and our lives are very broken - 
foresaken and desolate, your people cry out.
But - 
You, O Lord, are steadfast in your love
You take delight in us, O builder of hope
And we rejoice that you are with us. Through 
you we can be made whole once more - 
like a newly married couple, renamed in love.

Holy One, O Divine Wisdom,
We thank you for all the gifts of this life
those known and those we have yet 
to discover. For family and friends,
And -
for all those who are a blessing 
in our lives, known and unknown gifts
of mercy and grace, all signs of You.
The many ways you show up and reveal
the Holy Spirit active, present in love.

Holy One, O Divine Wisdom
in you we celebrate and rejoice 
for you call us to this party of life
this wedding banquet of delight
you love life and love us and
call us to do like wise - love you
and love others. And this is hard to do -
loving is hard! Some days - what concern is this?
But you, O lover of souls never quit

And for that we give thanks. 

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