Thursday, January 31, 2013

All Are Prayers

It’s such a sad world
Don’t we all get on with it though?
I, for example, am upset
because I’ve lost a shoe
and am tearing up
an almost clean house to find it
so I can run to the store for carrots.
I have everything else I need
for a chuck roast dinner,
went to the store last night
and bought half a dozen
unnecessary things, but forgot my carrots.
Can you believe it?

I’ve got a sister
saving up money she doesn’t have
for a divorce she doesn’t want,
another sister praying
‘cause she’s been there. My dad’s feet
are turning black from diabetes,
and about half the people I know
are recovering from an addiction.
The other half are in denial.

I’ve been trying to read
three chapters from the gospels every day.
I’m twenty-seven chapters behind.

But I believe
that all my poems are prayers,
that it’s OK to ask God for anything, anytime;
that it’s OK to sit down
in the middle of your floor and cry
because you’ve lost a shoe,
that it’s OK to ask Him
for a glimpse
of what it will feel like
stepping into that place
He’s promised to prepare.

~~Ginger Andrews (1956- )

Andrews, Ginger. An Honest Answer. Ashland, OR: Story Line Press, 1999. 49-50.


Gaye said...

Please pray for my friend who is embattled on many fronts

Terri said...

Gaye, we will hold your friend in prayer.

Jan, thank you for this prayer.