Saturday, December 29, 2012

Prayer for Sunday Christmas 1C

Holy one,

We thank you for coming into our world as a baby brining your love, and your joy into the world.
It seems like just a short time ago we were celebrating his birth
and now we are taking a peek into the New Year.
We have no idea what the New Year is to bring;
and at the same time some of us are setting goals and making resolutions.
Lord, we pray for a good year for all, we pray that we all may grow in your wisdom.
We pray that all grow in your grace with you and with each other.
Lord our world could use more people who are wise and have grace with you.

But often Lord we don’t know how to grow in wisdom and in grace with you so we pray you would clothe us in your wisdom;
         with your love which brings perfect harmony to the disorder of our lives.
         with your compassion that brings calmness and soothes the anger in us.
         with your kindness that is a balm to our pain.
         with your humility that allows the ire of pride to settle down to join
         and collaborate with others.
         with your meekness that stops the wars and bleeding.
         with your patience that keeps us from impulsively giving into our urges.
         with the ability to bear with one another instead of turning our backs on each other.
         with your forgiveness that we can forgive others as you forgive us.
         in your peace so that we could live in peace with one another.
         in gratitude that we would praise you and thank you with grateful heart.

We pray for comfort those who have had deaths during this season
or facing painful and sad memories and anniversaries of loved ones.
We pray for healing for those who are ill, struggling with failing health, and whose loved ones are sick.
We pray for restoration for those who have been affected by tornados, hurricanes
and other forms of natural disaster.
We pray that violence would end and that your peace, love and joy may reign.

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