Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a Tuesday prayer for the honestly overwhelmed...

Dear God,
why is it that Advent
-a time that is supposed to be all peaceful (at least it is in the pictures!)-
tends to be anything but?
Why does everything seem to happen at once?  And how in the world do you imagine that little ol' we can attend to all of it?!
Please o please give us all the strength to get through these next couple of weeks with hope, faith, and some semblance of meaning.
Help us to remember that, though it's not mentioned, it's more than likely that even peaceful and innocent Mary puked and screamed and cursed out all those good creatures around her before coming face to face with her saviour and son.
In him. Amen.

written by my colleague, the Rev. Cheryl Kerr, in response to...well...everything!  Thank you!